Brown, Herbert L.: The Devil’s Handiwork. A Victim’s View of “Allied” War Crimes

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The Devil’s Handiwork is an amazing 275-page compilation of chapters on war crimes committed by the “good guys” against the “bad guys.” Many of the events covered in this book are to this day censored or twisted in mainstream history books. Chapter cover: Death camps in the Civil War; concentration camps in the The Boer War; The Dresden Massacre—the worst war crime in history; the Ukrainian terror famine; FDR & His Man Friday; the gruesome harvest in Eastern Europe; the myth of the 6 million; Operation Keelhaul; the Nuremberg Trials; the Katyn Forest Massacre; the Stuttgart Atrocity; bastardizing the Germans after WWII; the use of the atom bomb; Cuba betrayed; the Invasion of Lebanon; the policy of de-Nazification; the Malmedy Trial; the Dachau Trial; the Vinnytsia genocide; crimes during the occupation of Germany; FDR’s Great Sedition Trial; Trujillo’s Assassination; the Morgenthau Plan; the propaganda of the Writers War Board; myths of civilian bombings; the Lend-Lease fiasco; truth about Auschwitz; Pearl Harbor; the Soviet genocide across Europe; much more.


1st paperback edition, 275 pages, 5.5"×8.5" (216 × 140 mm) (Jan. 2010)
 ISBN: 978-0-9818085-2-9