Feder: The German State on a National and Socialist Foundation

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The German State on a National and Socialist Foundation - Gottfried Feder.

First published in 1923, before Hitler‘s rise to power, this first ideological formulation of the National Socialist state by Gottfried Feder highlights the early economic focus of the NSDAP in creating a state freed from the fundamental Jewish economic distortions of Aryan society through the credit system of the banks, with its exploitative interest on large loan capital, and the stock-exchange system, with its alienation of capital from work.

The National Socialist solution to the debilitation of Aryan nations is seen to consist in a strengthening of the state on the basis of social justice whereby the state assumes control of its economy through nationalisation of its central bank and supervised distribution of its industrial goods.
Such a state naturally also demanded the exclusion of exploitative and anti-national communities like the Jews from the public life of the German nation.

Translated by Alexander Jacob
Published by Historical Review Press - 2013


     i   Preface – Alexander Jacob                                                                  
    1   Foreword – Adolf Hitler                                                                        
    2   Preface                                                                                                
    4   I. The Foundations
    7  The moral foundations                                                                       
  14  The economic foundations                                                                
  20  On the boundaries of the state and the economy                               
  27  The national political foundations                                                      
  35  Insights and goal-setting                                                                  
        II. The Programme
  41  The origin of the programme                                                              
        The national and economic programme of the National Socialist
  43  German Workers’ Party                                                                    
        III. The State Structure of the National Socialist State
  49  The National Socialist idea of the German state                                
  52  The nationalist idea                                                                          
  60  The citizenship right                                                                           
  65  The national economy                                                                       
        National financial reform – Money and credit in the National
  77  Socialist state                                                                                   
  85  The national financial economy                                                       
  89  The Versailles dictate                                                                          
  95  The loan economy                                                                         
108  The Reichsbank corporation                                                           
111  Inflation                                                                                            
116  National financial reform                                                                 
127  New ways                                                                                        
138  The social construction- and economic bank                                    
148  The state without taxes                                                                     
156  The financial political liberation of the state