Harwood: Did Six Million Really Die?

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You may have heard of so-called Revisionists who "deny the Holocaust." This publication, a revisionist best-seller, is an authoritative and detailed account of the facts behind the fiction. It details the Nazi plan for a Jewish homeland in Madagascar (blocked by the British); the Jewish declaration of war against Germany; the Wannsee Conference; the Einsatzgruppen; the Warsaw Ghetto; the chaotic state of the Concentration Camp system at the end of the war; fake photographs; and the "Final Solution." This hard to find, extensively referenced publication is an essential addition to the library of anyone with an interest in WWII history. Magazine format, 28 pages, illustrated with photographs.

'Did Six Million Really Die?' by Richard Harwood et al, published by the Historical Review Press (ISBN 987-0-906879-95-5).