Honsik, Gerd: Fiend and Felon

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Fiend and Felon

Power, Perjury and Murder
in Szymon Wizenthal's Footsteps

Expecting to find fraud, the author found murder. And the Israeli-American Imperium.

A man whom the statesmen of the western world inundate with decorations and honorary degrees, who is praised as just for his life of injustice, as humane for his life full of hatred, and as "moral authority" for a dozen demonstrable perjuries, is unmasked in this book as a common crook on the basis of numerous documents, some of which have never been published before.

When Gerd Honsik began writing this book, drawing on Wizenthal's personal data and a precise analysis of his autobiography Justice Not vengeance, he believed that he was merely documenting the history of a crook of international stature.

But the author came across a multitude of criminal offences, all of them apparently growing out of one and the same ignoble tendency, namely the desire to gain advantages or even a living through cunning and deception...