Piper: The High Priests of War

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By Michael Collins Piper. They’re called "neoconservatives." But in reality, they are hardcore Communists and Trotskyites. This is the first full-length exposition of the little-known history of the Zionist neo-conservative warmongers inside the Bush administration who orchestrated the war against Iraq. Nowhere else will you find such an authoritative and comprehensive work detailing the "who, what, when, where, why and how" of the history behind the intrigue that led up to the war against Iraq and the debacle that has followed. Whatever happens in the years ahead, Michael Collins Piper's The High Priests of War will almost assuredly remain not just the "first word" on - but also the "final judgment" of - the Zionist neo-conservatives and the burgeoning threat of world holocaust they have unleashed through their needless no-win war against Iraq. P/B 129pp.