Riis-Knudsen: National Socialism -- The Biological Worldview

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"As a National Socialist you constantly experience the difficulty in carrying on a meaningful conversation with a Non-National Socialist. You often feel that such a dialogue is outright impossible and that you live in two totally different worlds. Partly, of course, the reason for this deplorable situation lies in the propaganda image of National Socialism as the culmination of human viciousness that our enemies have created in the public mind. However, to young people what happened half a century ago is not all that important any more. From their earliest childhood they have been able to follow all the malice and cruelty that has been ravaging the world since the "victory of humanism" in 1945, vividly presented through television, and there is a very encouraging tendency among the young generation to have a less biased attitude to life and its various problems than the previous generation had."