Rudolf, Carlo Mattogno: Auschwitz Lies. Legends, Lies, and Prejudices on the Holocaust

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•“French biochemist G. Wellers exposed the Leuchter Report as fallacious” – he exposed only his own grotesque 
•“Polish researcher Prof. J. Markiewicz proved with analysis that Zyklon B was used in the gas chambers of Auschwitz” – 

Markiewicz fabricated his results.
•“Chemist Dr. Richard Green showed that the revisionists’ chemical arguments are flawed” –Green actually had to admit 

that the revisionists are right.
•“Prof. Zimmerman proved that the crematories in Auschwitz could cremate all victims of the claimed mass murder.” – as an accountant, Zimmerman proved only his lack of knowledge.
•“Profs. M. Shermer and A. Grobman refuted the entire array of revisionist arguments” – they merely covered a tiny fraction of revisionist arguments and botched their attempt at refutation.
•“Keren, McCarthy, and Mazal found the ‘Holes of Death’ proving the existence of the Auschwitz gas chambers” – they twisted evidence to support their case and suppressed facts refuting it.

These and other untruths are treated in this book and exposed for what they really are: political lies created to 
ostracize dissident historians and to keep the entire western world in merciless Holocaust servitude.

2nd revised paperback edition, 398 pages, 6"×9" (152 × 229 mm), illustrated, index (July 2011)
ISBN: 97809846