Sheppard: All About Women

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'A common reaction to my attitude now is to think that I don’t like women. This is not true at all, indeed I have loved several of the fairer sex to bits. But it is not sane to hold in high esteem someone – or some group – that is bleeding you dry. One does not respect the burglar who carries away your valuables, the invader who kills your family or the con-man who swindles your inheritance. It’s not a question of liking: the burglar might be a lovable rogue, the invader could be your brother in a civil war, the con-man might be so skilled as to inspire admiration. Emotions don’t come into it. The reality, I contend, is that we, men – particularly Occidental males – are being taken to the cleaners. It is time for this to stop, for when it does it will be to the ultimate benefit of everyone, including our women.'

Simon Sheppard: 'All About Women', 50 pages.