Sheppard: The Tyranny of Ambiguity

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The Tyranny of Ambiguity is a true narrative account of an in-depth study of Amsterdam society by an independent scientist. It is an at times amusing, at times searching adventure of discovery into human sexuality.

Amsterdam has a population of 725,000 and few of its two million visitors per year gain any insight into real Amsterdam culture as it is experienced by those living in the city. The book provides striking perceptions into the social effects of tourism and the sex industry, amongst other things.

Using contemporary sex difference and evolution theory the author attempts to formalize a number of basic strategies and then shows in a series of experiments how, by the manipulation of sex, females influence society. By documenting distinctive examples which exist in the extreme environment of Amsterdam, the form and nature of that influence is uncovered. Contrasting accounts in a British setting are also given.

As the narrative develops a series of formal propositions and theorems are presented. A number of population surveys were also undertaken to support the author’s observations. The result is a refreshingly honest and straightforward summary of the basic mechanisms of human interaction, which is universally applicable.

Simon Sheppard, 'The Tyranny of Ambiguity', second edition,
528 pages, ISBN 978-1-901240-21-4, 2013.